Are you having relationship issues? Is life getting on top of you? Maybe you are struggling with anxiety, depression or personal relationships. As your therapist I can offer a calm, open-minded approach to help you move forward in life.


I trained and worked in the NHS for 13 years until July 2016,  when I left to take up a part-time academic post and focus more on my private practice. During my time in the NHS I held a senior post that included managing and training others, collaborating in research, as well as clinical work. The clients I worked with  usually had complex and long-standing psychological issues. I bring these skills to my work now, where I use a combination of models. I can provide help with anxiety, depression, relationship issues and many of the other problems that life throws at us. 


I have my own practice in a quiet location in SW16 where I offer daytime and evening appointments. 

31/3/20 In the current climate I am conducting all my work over video calls.