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I am an experienced Chartered Clinical Psychologist working with adults. I can provide help for anxiety, depression, relationship issues and many other difficulties, using a range of approaches. I have my own practice in a quiet location in SW17 where I offer daytime and early morning appointments. 

Before setting up my own practice, I trained and then worked in the NHS for 13 years. During this time I held a senior post that included managing and training others, collaborating in research, as well as clinical work. The clients I worked with usually had complex and long-standing psychological issues. I bring these skills to my work now, where I use a combination of models. I also now work part-time as an Honorary Psychotherapist at CPU London, an independent charity offering free or low-cost therapy to individuals who are concerned about their emotional wellbeing. 


I'm sorry but my practice is currently full with a closed waiting list so I am unable to take any new enquiries. I anticipate this being the case until March / April. 


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