Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy helps the client to make links between events in their past and the problems they are experiencing now. For example there are often links between early emotional experiences and how we relate to others or ourselves now. It works to bring buried emotions and ideas into consciousness, with the aim of examining and processing these feelings to allow a more comfortable way of relating to the world and the self, and moving forward in life.


This type of therapy pays particular attention to the relationship between the client and therapist. It considers the way in which the client relates to the therapist to be indicative of how they relate to others (perhaps in relationships or at work). By talking about this, change is enabled, allowing the client to move away from painful repeating cycles and relate to themselves and others in a way that helps them to make positive changes. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy tends to be a longer term therapy (six months or more). This type of therapy can be useful in exploring more deep-seated issues.